Names of Officials Designation Organization Portfolio
1  Mr. Subramania Natarajan President Infoview Technologies Inc Japan Governor Information, Communications & Technology
2  Mr. Nitin Hingarh President Ambika Trading Company Governor Food/Agriculture and Food Processing
3 Mrs. Popi Kuroda Eatwell Co Ltd. CEO Governor  Indian Restaurants
4  Mr. Markus Managing Director   Asahi Travel Services  Governor Indian Tourism
5 Mr. Harsh Obrai President Kitatec K.K. Co-Governor Information, Communications & Technology
6 Ms. Nirmal Jain President India International School in Japan Governor Education and Cultural Committee
7 Mr. Kiran Sethi Managing Director Jupiter International Corporation Co.Ltd Governor-Kansai Representative
8 Mr. Dilip Mansukhani Honorary Consul Taj Mahal Group Governor North Japan Representative
9 Mr. Alok Rakyan CEO Infinity Daimonds K.K Governor  Indian Jewellers
10 Mr. V.B.Rupani President Apamex K.K Merchandise Trading
1 Name of the Committee Head of the Committee    
2 Information, Communications & Technology Mr. S.Natarajan and Mr. Harsh Obrai    
3 Food and Agriculture and Food Processing Mr. Nitin Hingarh    
4 Indian Tourism Mr. Markus    
5 Education and Cultural Ms. Nirmal Jain    
6 Kansai Representative Mr. Kiran Sethi    
7 North Japan Representative Mr. Dilip Mansukhani    
8 Indian Restaurants Mrs. Popi Kuroda    
9 Indian Jewellers Mr. Alok Rakyan    
10 Merchandise Trading Mr. V.B.Rupani    




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