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2014_1_26-India Republic Day

2013_1_26-1-India Republic Day

2013_1_26-2-India Republic Day

2013_5_28-Indian Prime minister Visit

2013_5_28-2-Indian Prime minister Visit

2013_8_15-India Independence Day

2013 8 15-2-India Independence Day

2013_8_15-3-India Independence Day

2013_11_03 Diwali

2012_1_26-India Republic Day

2012_6_29-1 60th Anniv of India Japan Diplomatic ties

2012_8_15-2 India Independence Day

2011_1_26 India Republic Day

2011_1_26 Reforms lead to contemporary India's Rise

2011_1_26-1 India Republic Day

2011_1_26-2 India Republic Day

2011_10_14-Diwali in Yamashita Park

2010_1_26-1 India Republic Day

2010_8_15 India Independence Day

2010_10_15-Diwali in Yamashita Park

2010_10_25 ICCJ, IMAY Welcome Dr_ Singh

2009_10_16-Diwali in Yamashita Park


San-in Chuo Shimpo June 17, 2013 San-in India Association

Japan News Apr 11 2013 Holi festival in Yokohama special

India Fair Hamamatsu Article of News paper 1

India Fair Hamamatsu Article of News paper 2

India Fair Nagoya Article of News paper

India Fair Chiryu Article of News paper

JapanTimes Dec 19 2012 'Secrets of India' seen in manga

Japan Times  Aug 16,2011 Ambassador's message

Daily Yomiuri  Ad Aug 16,2011

 Japan Times Ad Aug 16,2011

Daily Yomiuri Oct Diwali in Yokohama, 2011 Ambassador, Yokohama Mayor & Hon.President Message


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